Buderim Ginger adds to beer range

unnamed-2Australian brand, Buderim Ginger, has added three new flavours to its beer range.

The new flavours joining Buderim Ginger growing line up of products include Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer, Ginger Beer and Pear, and Ginger Beer and Guarana.

The Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer has 60 per cent less sugar than the average Ginger Beer and is gluten free. Ginger Beer and Pear is also gluten free and combines Buderim Ginger’s famous ginger with the zestiness of pear, while the final offering to the range is the Ginger Beer & Guarana, which infuses the original Ginger Beer taste with the taste of guarana.

Until last year, Buderim Ginger Beer has only been distributed locally, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, however, following the successful launch of the original Ginger Beer, these products will now be available nationally to distributors.

Buderim Ginger says its online portal, the ‘GingerNet’, will continue to support “the ginger revolution and all things ginger”.

The website features an array of ‘ginger-gems’ that allow users to perfect their bar flaring skills using the tastiest ginger cocktail recipes, while also expanding thier ginger-vocabulary with Buderim’s very own ginger dictionary.

Each of these new products are available in a 250ml slimline can, while the original Ginger Beer is also available in bottle form.

The RRP for these new products is $2.90 for the Original Ginger Beer, Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer, and the Ginger Beer & Pear, and $3.40 for the Ginger Beer with Guarana.


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