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Coles Milk Scan, hikuColes is launching a customer trial of Hiku, a new digital device not yet available in Australia designed to assist with online grocery shopping.

The device, which is currently being trialled by 50 Coles Online customers, is an inhome solution that allows shoppers to create a digital shopping list at their convenience throughout the week.

The device recognises the customer’s voice to add items automatically to a digital shopping list and is also able to scan product barcodes. Items are added to the shopping list in the Coles app and can be transferred into a customers’ Coles Online shopping trolley.

Coles Online GM, Mark Cripsey, says Coles is constantly exploring new ideas to help make shopping better.

“At Coles, we love to involve our customers in our innovations and developments. We’ll be working closely with our trial shoppers to develop an experience that will make shopping simpler and quicker for families across Australia,” said Crispey.

The trial will last two months and is being run in collaboration with Accenture.

Coles Product Scan, hiku


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  1. Mum posted on July 10, 2019

    This is a fantastic idea for online shoppers. However, it would be much better if they had the items in stock that are ordered and stop removing items from their shelves so they are not available anymore. Please just have in stock what I have ordered. reply

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