Former Miss Australia launches juices

ImpressedJuices_ThreeFlavours_FlatLayMedia personality and former Miss Australia, Rachael Finch, has co-created a range of cold pressed juices –  Impressed Juices.

The products are available in three varieties, Ginger Ninja, The Works, and Summer Greens.

Impressed Juices are cold pressed from fresh produce and are not heat treated. Each juice contains 100 per cent Australian grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Cold pressing is a method of slowly extracting juice, which involves fresh produce being ground up and gently squeezed to release the raw nectar, retaining the natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes that can be lost during conventional juice extraction.

“Food and product sourcing has become very important to Australians. People are increasingly wary of fruits and vegetables that are either grown or processed overseas,” said Finch.

“We source and bottle all of our ingredients here in Australia, knowing that all of our produce has been grown in rich, fertile soil and with the high quality standards that Australian farmers are known for.”

Each bottle of Impressed Juice is submerged in cold water and high pressure tested to deactivate harmful bacteria and naturally extend shelf life. Cold pressurisation is an external process meaning the raw juice is never directly touched.

Ginger Ninja contains carrot, apple, ginger, and turmeric;  The Works contains celery, kale, apple, cucumber, parsley, fennel, and lemon; and Summer Greens combines spinach, pineapple, kale, apple, cucumber, and mint.

Co-creator, Luke Marget of Australian-owned company Made says he’s excited to launch a range of cold pressed juices that brings together the growing trend towards vegetable-based juices, foods that are minimally processed and ingredients that are sustainably sourced.

“With Impressed Juices, it’s not just about the wholesome taste – it’s also the fragrance when you open it. And then there’s the comfort in choosing a nutritious, locally made product from 100 per cent Aussie-grown produce sourced direct from the farm that’s ready to drink,” says Marget.

Impressed Juices are available in Woolworths supermarkets and independent retail outlets nationally. A 325mL bottle retails for $3.49.


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