Sunny Queen brings eggs to life

11350433_10153391326095362_2233505610569428936_nEgg producer, Sunny Queen Farms, has launched Australia’s first augmented reality collectible cards.

Sunny Queen Australia has partnered with Brisbane-based agency, BCM, and employed image recognition and augmented reality app, Blippar TM, to launch the range of “Colleggtor Cards”.

Sunny Queen Australia, which produces around 20 per cent of Australia’s yearly 4.8 billion eggs, is the first brand to use augmented reality technology for consumer goods in Australia.

“We wanted to do something special,” Julie Proctor, GM of marketing and innovation, said.

“We have gone to great lengths to ensure these are no ordinary collectible cards. The characters literally come to life through specialised animation techniques which will make collecting these cards and eating eggs particularly fun for families in Australia,” Proctor said.

Featuring 30 characters, 10 of which will have the ability to come to life on a smart phone once activated on the Blippar app, the cards will be available for a limited time only throughout Coles and Woolworths supermarket.

The cards will be available across a wide range of Sunny Queen egg packs, across both the 12 and 18 size packs, with two cards in the 18 pack cartons.

The cards will feature on their own special web page and on Facebook


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  1. Derek Cornett posted on May 25, 2015

    Why only Coles and Woolworths - what about IGA etc, are our country customers also to miss out

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