NSW Farmers change climate change policy

NSW FarmersIndustry group NSW Farmers members used the final motion of the NSW Farmers’ conference this week to roundly endorse and pass policy recognising the impact that variable climate has on the farming community.

The motion, developed and moved by the association’s Young Farmers’ Council, overhauled the association’s pre-existing policy in relation to climate change.

Angela Martin, a producer from Mullaley, said she was heartened by the motion from young farmers ahead of the 2015 United National Climate Change Conference in Paris in December.

“They have been proactive and our change to policy sends a clear signal to government that we believe that climate variability is an issue that we are dealing with every day,” Martin said.

“Primary producers are on the front lines of seasonal variability, rising temperatures and more extreme weather, exacerbated by a changing climate. We want to make sure that the association is in a position to be able to play an active role in the issue.”

Members were in support of the association taking steps to encourage governments to support the transition from fossil fuels towards more renewable energy sources in rural, regional and remote areas where their operation can be shown to be of a net benefit to farming communities.


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