McCain does it again

rsz_healthy-choice-wholegrainthai-beef-_-basilFrozen food company, McCain Foods, has today announced a new campaign supporting its range of Healthy Choice Whole Grains meals.

In partnership with  Whybin\TBWA Group Melbourne, the company will launch a series of 15 second TVCs which will air nationally from Sunday July 26.

Katrina Wilson, marketing manager, McCain Foods Australia/New Zealand says: “the healthy frozen meals category is expanding beyond diet. Consumers are now demanding meals with positive health benefits to meet their wellness goals.”

“Our new, delicious whole grains meals are 97 per cent fat free, but have the added benefits from whole grains, like fibre and complex carbohydrates.”

The three TVCs  build upon the previous Healthy Choice campaign that featured tradesmen on a lunch break, feeling jealous over their friend’s Healthy Choice meal.

“We’ve brought back the same characters and sense of humour Aussies loved,” says Wilson, “but this time they are joking about the trendy inclusions of healthy ancient grains, such as quinoa and chia,” she added.



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