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FMCG comes up trumps at retail awards

unnamed-2The industry’s ‘best of the best’ were honoured at the 2015 Popai Marketing at Retail Awards, and the FMCG sector came up trumps.

Six awards were given in shopper experience award categories at the Pinnacle, Gold, and Silver levels to FMCG manufacturers, and a further five out of six grocery, convenience, and liquor specific display Golds were awarded.

The 2015 Marketing at Retail Awards were presented in conjunction with the 2015 Marketing at Retail Expo, held in the same venue.

The judging panels were comprised of more than 60 industry leading retailers, brand marketers, and suppliers and awards were given based on attainment of aggregate scores. This meant that not all categories received all award levels. The following FMCG companies received high level awards:

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 2.12.53 PM

“This year we expanded the Marketing at Retail awards in line with the shift toward retail and shopper experience, and the growing role of digital and technology in retail environments,” Norrelle Goldring, vice chair of Popai ANZ and head of shopper insights at GfK, said.

“The scope of all of the awards entries, and the strength of FMCG manufacturers winning awards in the Experiential, Mobile and Sales Promotion categories in particular, shows how far the industry has come. Congratulations to all the winners, and to the industry for continuing to respond and lead,” Goldring said.

Some Pinnacle and Gold winner award details:

Best Temporary Display Pinnacle and Liquor Temporary Display Gold: Brown-Forman, Jack Daniel’s Christmas Tree

Objective: Develop a front of store showpiece for the brand and independent retailers to create theatre around the Christmas period. Overcome the traditional retailer perception of glass bottles featured off-shelf being difficult to showcase due to stock shrinkage fears.

Execution: The tree holds product securely to deter theft with minimal impact to brand or product visibility and shoppability, while allowing a mix of premium glass bottle and case products to fit within the gift giving theme of Christmas.  Rotating layers of Jack Daniels 700ml secured single bottles and base provided platform for bulk cased products. Design was a flat-packed construction with simple, assembly techniques that activate in under 15mins.

Results: Sales uplift of 38 per cent nationally. Western Australia secured an additional upfront month of 28 per cent sales uplift due to early execution.


Sales Promotion Gold: Carlton & United Breweries, Victoria Bitter ‘Live Cricket ScoreWatch

Idea: The ScoreWatch is a smart piece of bluetooth technology, enabling the hard working Aussie to keep in touch with the game that he loves. ScoreWatch binds all stakeholders together, be it loyal drinkers, retailers, or the trade staff.

Versus the 2104 Live Ashes Scoreboard, the 2015 campaign provided an 800 per cent increase in chances to win from he 8,000 ScoreWatches available. The promotion was run through all media, retailer, and on pack channels.

Results: A small sales increase on the previous year, off a very large base, while retaining number one beer brand status.


Mobile Gold: Unilever Paddle Pop Lick-A-Prize

Objective: Reboot this long running promotion by rethinking prizing, making incentives more compelling, and reeinventing the retail experience

Execution: Promotional incentive ‘Every Stick Wins!’  The ‘Magilika’ app provided a delivery platform for instant-win games and branded content, providing mass prizing. The app recognised brand assets (specially designed PPLAP logo on POS and packs), launching a digital world on mobiles.

Results:  77,220 downloads of the app; 11,810 average monthly users; 804 average daily users – consistent top five rank among kids aged nine to 11. Held number position for five weeks.


Petrol, Convenience & Route Permanent Display Gold: Wrigley Company, The Beacon

Objective: Revolutionise the way gum and mints were displayed in route trade in order to capture the attention of shoppers and drive higher levels of conversion to purchase, particularly from new and light category buyers.

Execution: Adding lighting to displays increases their stand out.  Four thousand lit display stands rolled out within a 12 month period in 2014/15 in order to have large scale impact.

Results: Average of 15-20 per cent uplift in sales in each store over the 12 weeks post versus pre installation, sustained over the six months post installation.

Grocery Permanent Display Gold: Wrigley Beacon Evo

Objective: Stop shoppers in their tracks and encourage them to consider Gum, Mints, confectionery and magazines before checking out in order to deliver the triple win for retailers, shoppers and brand owner.

Execution: Displays were completely pre-assembled at the production facility to make them easy to install once delivered to retail stores.  Sourced 320 of these; successfully rolled out 250 of them within six months of receiving them.

Results: These permanent displays drive an average uplift of 15-20 per cent with some stores seeing a far greater uplift in the initial post-installation period.


Grocery Temporary Display Gold: Wrigley Extra Bubblemint Launch

Objective: Launch Extra Bubblemint in Australia appealing to youth.

Execution: Motorised Tower unit that created real cut through instore.

Results: Extra total gum market share has grown to its highest ever share at 70 per cent.

Liquor Permanent Display Gold: Moet Hennessy, House of Hennessy

Objective: Support trade partners with consumer engagement activity via fixtures which help to act as a beacon for the category and engage shoppers with the brand.

Execution: Tailored units for each store showcased premium brand materials and segmented the product to aid product segmentation.  Stock capacity and product security were key retail considerations together with location in the store.

Results: Significant positive reaction to the units both from the retailers and the shoppers. Brand volume sales up 172 per cent year on year.


A full list of the winners at all levels across all 24 categories, encompassing physical store, POP campaigns, and shopper experience programs – including integrated campaigns and digital technologies, can be found here.

More information on the 2015 Popai Marketing at Retail Awards may be found at

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