Nexba releases all natural ice tea range

unnamed-2Australian beverage brand, Nexba, has released a new line of all natural ice tea.

The new Super Infusions range, available in select 7-Eleven stores and all Chemist Warehouses, boasts zero sugar and only 17.2 calories in each 500ml bespoke glass bottle.  It launches with three green tea, super-fruit/food infused flavours: Acai Berry, Pomegranate and Ginger.

Troy Douglas, co-founder and brand director at Nexba, said recent research from the Australian Beverages Council showed that ice tea and sugar free beverages were two of the highest growth markets in Australia.

“There’s definitely a growing anti-sugar sentiment among Australians. With summer at our doorstep, the Aussie Boys thought it was the perfect time to introduce something new to the Nexba stable that was refreshing, naturally delicious, and most importantly, minus the high sugar content that soft drinks, fruit juices, and rival ice tea brands are laced with,” Douglas said.

“The World Health Organisation recommends adult Australians reduce their daily intake of refined sugars to 25g, and yet just a single 355ml can of Coca-Cola will put you well above that limit with a whopping 39g of sugar.”

The guru behind Nexba’s delicious ice tea flavours, known only as “Mr. Smith”, said the Super Infusion range took more than 12 months of planning and research to develop.

“Nexba was one of the first brands in Australia to use stevia as a natural sweetener. What we’ve created with the Super Infusions range is an amazing and flavoursome trio of better for you blends that will leave customers feeling satisfied and refreshed without the gluggy after-taste of the typical sugary beverage,” he said.

The Super Infusions join Nexba’s existing range of low-calorie real ice teas and natural colas, which are available in flavours including Wild Watermelon, Life’s a Peach, Sparkling Cherry Lime, and Brewnette nationwide.

“Our long term commitment is to offer Australians better-for-you beverages that don’t sacrifice on taste. We’ve done really well with our low-calorie range of ice teas that provide customers with a wholesome alternative to soft drinks and fruit juices,” said Drew Bilbe, co-founder and operations director at Nexba.

“These new Nexba Super Infusions are an even healthier option for people who want to cut down on their sugar intake further.”

Each 500ml reusable bespoke glass bottle will be sold for the recommended retail price of $4.50.



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