Taylors Wines’ temp technology

rsz_taylorsClare Valley family winery, Taylors Wines, has introduced temperature sensor technology to its portfolio of beverages in a move allowing consumers to enjoy wine in optimum conditions.

Specially commissioned Ipsos research revealed that while  most red wines should be served between 12-18˚C, the average Australian household is at or above 22˚C, stripping the wine of its character and subtlety.

To remedy this, the company has utilised thermo-chromatic ink technology that changes colour depending on the temperature of the wine. Featured on the back of Taylors Estate and Promised Land wines, the censor will turn green when white wine is right to pour, and turn fuchsia when red wine is ready.

Cameron Crowley, chief marketing officer, Taylors Wines, said the idea was bound to be successful as it focused attention on an issue most consumers didn’t acknowledge.

“Taylors is passionate about helping consumers get the best experience when they enjoy our wines and this idea gives us a true point of difference while showcasing our heritage of innovation.”

“Once we understood the issue of temperature, we immediately jumped into testing product viability – we wouldn’t accept anything but a 1˚C accuracy range, and our label printers were up to the challenge to accomplish this task”.

“We’ve received an amazing response from the new sensors from our retail partners and distributors around the world, as it gives us a new way to enhance the wine drinking experience for our consumers.”

The launch is to be marked by a  ‘Live Better by Degrees’ campaign, involving an interactive website intended to educate consumers about the new labels, and the different serving temperatures for wine.

A digital campaign inclusive of social videos, quizzes, XML temperature driven banners, and 30-second radio spots across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane,will also be rolled out to bolster campaign awareness

The Taylors Estate and Promised Land range of wines are available at all liquor stores nationally, retailing at RRP $20 and $15 respectively.




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