‘Not Cross Buns’ for sale

rsz_not-cross-sbunOnline grocer, Aussie Farmers Direct, has announced the launch of a ‘Not Cross Buns’ range to its bakery category.

Identical to the hot cross buns sold at Easter time, the new product range is positioned to be an ‘all-year-round’ offering, devoid of the iconic cross on the top, therefore disassociating itself with the religious holiday.

Keith Louie, CEO, Aussie Farmers Direct, said the concept was largely driven by consumer demand:

“Every year, many customers tell us they’d love to eat hot cross buns all year round, but other customers feel the traditional bun should remain exclusively an Easter treat.”

“We’re liberating this delicious, lightly spiced bun from the confines of Easter so that everyone can enjoy them at any time,” he said.

When seasonally appropriate, the ‘Not Cross Buns’ range will transition back to their traditional form aound Easter time.

The range is available in all mainland states except South Australia via the Aussie Farmers Direct website, retailing at $5.99 for a pack of six.




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