Pure Scot is born


pure-scot-1The Australian whisky category is set to experience a shake up with  the launch of blended scotch whisky brand, Pure Scotch.

Launching in Melbourne this month ahead of its global rollout, the product, which is a blend of Bladnoch Single Malt;  island malts; Speyside and Highland malts; and select grain whiskies, is the first Australian-owned whisky distilled traditionally in the southern Lowlands of Scotland.

The brand is the vision of Australian businessman, David Prior, who seeks to bring a modern interpretation to a category steeped in tradition, but in a younger and more accessible way.

“It’s a highly adaptable, versatile, contemporary-tasting product, not smoked, it’s really for the younger consumer,” Prior said.

Also invested in the offering is former Carlton & United Brewery boss, John Murphy, who says the brand hopes to lure new consumers, mainly in the 25 to 30 year bracket , into the Scotch whisky category by reinventing Scotch as a social drink, rather than a elitist beverage.

“The beauty for us with Pure Scot is we don’t have to be protecting and defending. We can come in and actually blow the hell out of this thing. We don’t have to worry about those rules. We can play with any rules. We can talk to customers and consumers differently,” Murphy said.

Pure Scot is available through Dan Murphy’s online retail site across Australia, or at selected bottle shops and bars around Melbourne, RRP $79.99. It will be launched nationally in 2016.




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