Dairy industry reveals 2015 ups, downs

Holstein cows in the meadowThe 2015 Sustainability Framework Progress Report, a snapshot of the Australian dairy industry’s efforts to become more sustainable, has been released.

“Measurable targets are important as they clearly show what has been done, for example 58 per cent of dairy farmers had a nutrient management plan in 2015 compared to 30 per cent in 2014,” said Dairy Australia’s sustainability manager Helen Dornom.

There are 11 targets and 41 key performance indicators covered by the report.

“More work needs to be done in providing a safe work environment,” said Dornom.

The report highlighted the industry’s efforts in helping government to secure Free Trade Agreements with China, Japan and Korea, to increase farm business competitiveness and profitability.

It also emphasised that waste sent to landfill by manufacturers has dropped 46 per cent since 2011, exceeding the target for 2020. In addition, the proportion of farmers with nutrient management plans,  at 58 per cent, is on-track to achieve the 2020 target of 80 per cent.

Meanwhile, the proportion of people who recognise dairy as a quality product, slipped to 69 per cent from a baseline of 72 per cent (the 2020 target is 80 per cent).

Established in 2012 to help guide Australian improvement against 11 targets and 41 performance measures, the Framework is led by the Australian Dairy Industry Council, managed by an industry Steering Committee, and supported by Dairy Australia.


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