Aussies fed up with food trends

breakfast, cereal Uncle Tobys has released new Galaxy research, which reveals Aussies are tired of food trends and fad diets.

Aussies long for easier times (and meals) with the respondents believing a simple approach to a healthy diet was better suited for Australian lifestyles (81 per cent ), particularly at breakfast, according to the research.

Aussies who chose to start their morning with a simple bowl of breakfast cereal have been found to make better health decisions throughout the day (41 per cent ). More than two thirds of those surveyed relied on the humble bowl of breakfast cereal to get the nutrients they needed each morning – with regular breakfast cereal eaters found to be more likely to choose low sugar foods (61 per cent ) and low fat foods (46 per cent ) for the remainder of the day.

Leading Australian dietitian, Geraldine Georgeou said, “It’s refreshing to see that the majority of Aussies are able to look past the craze of food trends and fad diets. Aussies are right in saying that there are other foods which are just as healthy as the latest fad food, so investment in this isn’t necessary.”

The new research found that the majority of Australians took a more relaxed approach to their diets, with only one in 10 opting for special diet such as Paleo or sugar-free. Most said they tried to eat well to stay healthy, while almost half (48 per cent ) said they did it to lose weight. Not only do these healthy decisions affect an individual’s physical wellbeing, but this also has a mental take on Aussies with nearly a quarter of the nation feeling guilty when making bad food decisions and opting for unhealthy foods.

The Government’s Health Star Rating system is designed to make it easier to identify healthier food options within categories into your daily routine.

Geraldine said “The first big choice of the morning is what you eat breakfast every day.”

Currently, more than 70 per cent  of Australians are cereal fans, with one in three enjoying a bowl most days. In 2015 alone, more than 50 million boxes of Uncle Tobys cereal were sold.

Uncle Tobys surveyed over 1000 Australians to understand their healthy eating habits and how they enjoy their cereal each day.


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