Coca-Cola’s smartwater hits Australian shelves

WaterCoca-Cola South Pacific has announced the launch of Glaceau smartwater, a premium still water offering, in Australia.

The launch comes as Coca-Cola seeks to expand the Australian water category and leverage a significant marketing opportunity to drive category value.

Targeting the 18-34 year old demographic, Glaceau smartwater is a vapour distilled mineralised water. The brand is positioned between ‘everyday’ and ‘ultra premium’ water brands and comes to Australia off the back of major global success.

Glaceau smartwater undergoes a vapour distillation process, inspired by the natural purification process.  This results in pure water with the addition of calcium, magnesium and potassium minerals.

“With the brand going from strength to strength across the globe, we felt it was time to bring Glaceau smartwater to Australia. It is designed to appeal to on-the-go, style-conscious consumers who are looking for something a little extra from their water and the vapour distillation process is a big point of difference for us,” said Gloria Young, brand manager.

Glaceau smartwater will be available in 12x700ml sports cap lid packs from a wide range of retail channels including grocery, independents and on the go partners.


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  1. Paul posted on April 12, 2016

    Am I missing something here? What makes this smart? It's distilled water with minerals added (So it;s not completely tasteless I assume) Australia has some of the best most potable tap water available in the world. So what do we need this for? Just another example of Capitalisim and Consumerisim gone crazy.

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