Block cheese sales up

cheeseCheese sales are gradually declining in Australia, but those who buy crackers and wine increasingly buy block cheese, according to new survey.

“Cheese is famous for its compatibility with wine, as well as being a fine match with savoury biscuits/crackers. People who buy wine, and those who buy crackers, are indeed more likely to purchase cheese than the average grocery-buyer,” said Angela Smith, group account director, Roy Morgan Research.

“There is no doubt that sales of cheese have been declining over the last few years, with the five categories covered [in the survey] all losing ground since 2012,” said Smith.

The findings added that when it comes to block cheese, the same five brands are favoured by consumers, in exactly this order of popularity: Supermarket brand, Bega, Coon, Mainland and Mersey Valley.

For cheese snacks or portions, the most popular brand among grocery buyers is Laughing Cow, and among those who buy savoury biscuits or crackers and wine, the favourite is Castello.


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