Vegetable industry welcomes blueprint for growth

Australia’s vegetable industry has received a blueprint for growth to help it tap into consumer and retail trends.

The report highlights innovations in the global fresh produce industry, including QR code shopping kiosks in the Philippines, “grazing areas” to let shoppers sample products in British supermarkets, AmazonFresh grocery home delivery in the USA, and shopping trolleys with interactive touchscreens in South Korea.

“This report will help Australian growers and retailers gain a new perspective on the Australian market by giving them insights into innovative developments in international industry,” said AusVeg spokesperson Shaun Lindhe.

The report, part of the Project Harvest study commissioned by Horticulture Innovation Australia, brings together industry insights from consumer research group Colmar Brunton from February 2015 to May this year to offer vegetable growers bite-sized snapshots of consumer behaviour trends.

Lindhe added that social factors may highlight the health and nutritional benefits of eating fresh Australian vegetables.

“It could inspire some fresh ideas on how to translate successful overseas initiatives into increasing vegetable consumption among Australian consumers, which in turn could lead to growth in our industry,” he said.

“Meanwhile, technological advancements are making it easier for vegetable growers and retailers to meet consumer needs, such as by offering pre-prepared product formats – like pre-cut veggie mixes or pre-packed lettuce leaves – so that consumers can grab and go.”

“There are major social and technological factors driving changes to the behaviour of modern consumers, and the insights in this report could help growers and retailers to get on the front foot and capitalise on the potential of these changes to increase fresh vegetable consumption,” said Lindhe.


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