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Nespresso launches first vintage Colombian coffee

nespressoNespresso revealed its latest limited edition of first aged Arabica coffee, Selection Vintage 2014, which was sourced from the Colombian Highlands.

Similar to fine cheeses, meats and wines, coffee too can be expertly aged for a unique vintage result that is rich and mellow.

“With the launch of Selection Vintage 2014, we wanted to introduce an entirely new flavour with unique qualities,” said Karsten Ranitzsch, Nespresso’s global head for coffee.

“To age the coffee we needed to start with beans of an exceptional quality and then store them in specialised conditions that we regulated constantly. Any miniscule change in the moisture, temperature, time, atmospheric pressure, light and oxygen conditions would affect the final taste. This carefully tailored process has resulted in an outstanding coffee with a very distinct flavour profile.”

The coffee beans were harvested three years ago and meticulously aged in specially-designed bags, resulting in a complex taste with elegant woodiness, softened fruity notes and a smooth velvet-like texture. Traditional coffee ageing began in the 1700’s when coffee harvested in Indonesia would take a number of months to sail by ship to Europe.

While packed in the wooden boat hulls, the coffee would be exposed to the wet sea air and salt water causing the beans to swell. These beans then dried in the sun which altered the taste of the final coffee.

In contrast, Selection Vintage 2014 was aged using a completely new method pioneered by Nespresso experts who wanted to benefit from the effect of ageing by using specialised and controlled conditions.

This included regulating the time, oxygen, moisture in the air, light and atmospheric pressure. A rotation system was also implemented for the bags of harvested coffee to ensure the ideal ageing process.

Aussies can look forward to purchasing a set of two Reveal Intense Espresso glasses that are available in special gift boxes and priced at RRP $50.00. The coffee producer partnered with the glass makers at Riedel to craft the crystal tasting glasses.

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