Kit Kat Duo chocolate launches

MD3026010Kit Kat took it one step further with their ‘Have A Break’ slogan as Valentine’s Day rolled in on Tuesday.

The popular chocolate brand launched the limited edition Kit Kat Duo, a new chocolate that celebrates togetherness, whether for love or friendship.

“Some things are just meant to be together. Like Beyoncé and Jay Z, they’re fabulous alone but fantastic together,” Nestlé head of marketing for confectionery Anna Stewart said.

“Each Kit Kat Duo brings together two terrific flavours into one bar. Individually they’re scrumptious – but even more delicious together.”

The new Kit Kat Duo combined two delicious flavours in one bar that are just meant to be eaten together for the ultimate chocolate experience.

Kit Kat Tiramisu alternates fingers of smooth mascarpone-flavoured white chocolate with fingers of espresso-flavoured milk chocolate – great alone but when eaten together they give a delicious tiramisu taste.

Kit Kat Raspberry Cheesecake features two great flavours; one finger features delicious raspberry and the other delectable cheesecake.


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