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Government approves Free-Range Labelling Information Standard

eggs4Egg Farmers of Australia (EFA) confirmed the approval of the Free-Range Labelling Information Standard.

The new standard will bring simplicity and clarity to the term free range and it will ensure that when consumers choose to buy free range they will know exactly what they are getting,” said John Dunn, CEO, EFA.

He said all farmers must allow hens freely access outdoor range whenever they wish to do so.

“People will also be able to see on egg cartons how many hens per hectare there are on the farm. Displaying stock density information on egg cartons gives the choice to consumers. This is a win for consumers and a win for farmers,” said Dunn.

“Consumers will now have confidence that when they buy free-range that’s what they’re getting. They’ll also have more choice with stocking density to be displayed on carton.

“After years of uncertainty, farmers will have the confidence to invest in new free range farming facilities and technologies, such as new environmental controls in sheds to keep hens cool during summer and enrichments to range areas.”

EFA attributes the approval of the Free-Range Labelling Information Standard to the state consumer affairs ministers and “the Federal Government for their leadership in tackling this issue.”

“EFA supports consumers in their right to choose which type of eggs they want to buy – whether that be from free range, barn or caged hens. We look forward to the new labelling standards being implemented.”

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