Perfect Potion’s new limited edition oil

Perfect Potion KyotoPerfect Potion, Australian-owned and certified organic aromatherapy and skincare manufacturer, unveiled their limited edition Kyoto essential oil blend and Kyoto incense across their Australian and Japanese stores.

It recreates the unique feeling of the enchanting city of Kyoto in Japan, where the skincare company opened its first overseas store.

Kyoto essential oil blend captures the sacred spirit of the Asian city, depicting the strong spiritual connection and LOHAS values, which is why it was chosen as the first international location to open their first branch.

Perfect Potion founder and director Salvatore Battaglia said that every single essential oil blended into their Kyoto blend has been thought out.

“Oils like hiba and hinoki from Japanese pines with their rich camphor and woody aroma symbolise the pine forests that surround the city of Kyoto,” said Battaglia.

“Atlas cedarwood and Australian sandalwood are reminiscent of the aromas of padding barefoot through one of Kyoto’s many temples while oakmoss absolute is evocative of the lush moss and greenery that grow in and around [the] temple gardens. While cinnamon, ginger and yuzu are commonly used in Japanese sweets unique to [the city].”

Perfect Potion also collaborated with a 300 year old incense manufacturer to create a traditional style Japanese incense using the Kyoto blend and Australian Sandalwood powder.

“Since opening our first store in the Brisbane Arcade in 1991, our dedication, persistence and passion for a holistic approach towards health and wellbeing has enabled us to innovate and grow as a company and brand,” said Battaglia.

“Perfect Potion carries the certified organic, cruelty-free and COSMOS Natural certifications and is proud to reach a 25 year milestone that has allowed us to not rely on any government support but rather invest 100 per cent of our own capital into each new endeavour.”



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