Albanese crafts a beer-led recovery

craft beerAnthony Albanese has launched a campaign to make Sydney’s inner west the craft beer capital of Australia and make it easier for small brewers to compete in the booming market.

The Labor frontbencher on Friday launched the Inner West Brewery Association, which followed a forum of microbrewers in March.

Albanese said brewers were concerned commonwealth excise rates are higher for small kegs than larger kegs, which puts smaller operators at a competitive disadvantage in relation to big brewers.

“I am disappointed this anomaly was not addressed in the 2017 budget but will continue to support the industry in its push for sensible reform as well as regulatory change at the state and local government levels,” Albanese said.

He will also seek parliament’s support on Monday for a motion backing the $400 million a year craft beer industry, which has a huge potential for jobs in brewing, hospitality and tourism.

“If we get the policy settings right, craft brewing could deliver thousands of new jobs.”


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  1. Chris Miller posted on June 16, 2017

    Minute would most of us decry supporting micro-brewing. After all, it's become popular Nevertheless, this simply appears a not-so-neat trick to gain some media space on the part of a pollie wanting more community-friendly exposure. Consider - alcohol consumption in Australia is in decline - beer's consumption decline rate is about the greatest, of major beverage types - if microbrewers are to gain, it will be at the expense of other beer brand/companies, which employ '000s of people, so it doesn't compute there'd be increased employment - how the heck would support for micros create '000s of new jobs, in Inner West Sydney alone? Are there going to be '00s of Labour-sponsored tour guides and individual, one-on-one human tasting companions for the supposed huge influx of tourists? - surely, micro-brewing deserves no more support than any other industry, so why single it out as the mid-left flavour of the month? Because there's a chance it might improve the pollie-profile of AA [and what a contradiction-in- that looks!] Oh, dear reply

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