Kellogg’s names new CEO

Kellogg’s chief executive is retiring and will be succeeded by an executive from a vitamin and protein bar company, as packaged food makers try to keep customers who are looking for healthier products.

The maker of Frosted Flakes, Pop-Tarts and Eggo waffles said chief executive John Bryant will be replaced by Steven Cahillane, an executive from The Nature’s Bounty Co. That company makes Balance bars, Solgar supplements and Ester-C vitamins.

Cahillane will start as CEO next week and will join the company’s board. Bryant, 51, will remain executive chairman of the board until March, when Cahillane will take over that role.

Cahillane, 52, has also worked at soda company Coca-Cola Co and beer maker AB InBev.

Kellogg has struggled to make its cereals and snacks more appealing to Americans who are increasingly seeking to avoid processed food. Its revenue has fallen every year since 2013.

Bryant said Cahillane’s experience at Nature’s Bounty would help Kellogg adjust to consumers’ demand for healthier food but that it wouldn’t apply to all of Kellogg’s products.

“I think in our cereal business, health and wellness is important,” Bryant said. “The snacks business is more about indulgence and taste.”

Packaged food conglomerates have been trying to appeal more to consumers who favour fresher foods smaller, local brands and are worried about the ingredients they eat.

Kellogg has said it will add probiotics to its Special K cereal later to try to boost sales.

Kellogg and competitors such as General Mills and Post have also been cutting costs and changing strategies as consumer trends shift away from processed foods. General Mills, which makes Cheerios and Trix cereals, also replaced its CEO back in June.


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