New Woodstock Asahi ginger bourbon in the market

Woodstock BourbonWoodstock – Asahi Premium Beverages has unveiled a new Bourbon premixed drink with ginger beer.

Recent research by independent research group T Garage has shown consumers are seeking full-flavoured yet less sweet alternatives to the existing Bourbon products in the market.

“Woodstock Bourbon has been a pioneer in the premixed drink space in Australia. The research put us on a path to explore new ways of drinking Bourbon that would resonate with consumers,” said Asahi Premium Beverages general marketing manager Michael Edmonds.

“Our new product, Easy Roller, is a game changer for Woodstock, and our customers will find it refreshing and approachable with its blend of genuine Kentucky Bourbon mixed with brewed ginger beer.

“It’s an alternative flavour experience to the traditional Bourbon with cola, and will appeal to the bourbon lover as well as people who may not usually enjoy the taste of the spirit.”

Research also shown consumers found it difficult to differentiate the six different ABV tiers of the Woodstock range. The brand needed a facelift to make sure it resonated well with millennials and a broader audience. This has led for the bourbon brand to create a create a new packaging design.

“We knew our consumers were enjoying the higher ABV products, but with the
increased range came the need to ensure they could be easily differentiated,” said Edmonds. “Now retailers and customers can easily distinguish between the Woodstock varieties that are available.”

He said taste was the most important aspect for the company, consumer and retailer which was not compromised.

“While we’ve made some subtle but positive changes to the range and packaging, we’ve also kept all the things our customers have said they loved which is the great taste, ABV options, and range of packs,” he said.

Woodstock contain genuine Kentucky Bourbon distilled and matured for two years using American oak casks. Easy Roller is available in four packs of 330ml bottles and the newly packaged Woodstock Bourbon and Cola is available in supermarkets.


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