Coles unveils new Charcoal buns

Curtis Stone’s prawn burgers with Charcoal Brioche BunsSupermarket giant Coles has released the new Coles Finest Charcoal Brioche Burger Buns. Aussies will be able to make Instagram-worthy burger creations at home with the supermarket now creating and stocking charcoal brioche buns.

Coles Bakery general manager, Jon Haggett, said the buns were created using activated charcoal from coconut husks and were arriving just in time for barbecue season.

“Coles is really excited to be able to offer our customers a unique twist to this traditional French bun just as the weather heats up. We’ve been inspired by the rising trend of adding activated charcoal to food to create a visually appealing and interestingly flavoured product. We hope our customers love them as much as we do and they create bold and delicious burger combinations at home for their friends and families,” said Haggett.

The Coles Finest Charcoal Brioche Burger Buns have been created using a traditional French brioche recipe but with a modern twist of activated charcoal. The result is a soft, rich buttery bun with a unique texture, colour and flavour.

“The Coles Brand bakery team works all year round to bring our customers innovative delicious products to have at home. We know our customers are going to love the rich buttery bun, deliciously paired with chicken, beef, fish or your favourite veggie burger,” added Haggett.



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