A2 Milk settles court dispute with Lion

a2 Milk productsA2 Milk, which markets milk with a protein variant said to have health benefits, has settled a court case in Australia with its rival Lion Group.

A2 faced a legal challenge in Australia from Lion over the science behind health-related claims about the milk.

Meanwhile, A2 had taken Lion to court over its milk brand’s use of A2 protein claims, seeking an injunction and damages. Last month, A2 said the court hearing in the Australian Federal Court had been vacated from November until the New Year.

“A settlement has been reached in respect of the legal dispute,” A2 said in a statement. “The parties have mutually agreed not to proceed with their cases against each other. The terms of the settlement are confidential.”

A2 said the parties were “very satisfied” with the outcome. A2 shares last traded at $8.08, and are the best performing stock on the benchmark S&P/NZX 50 Index this year, having gained 279 per cent.


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  1. Danny posted on December 8, 2017

    From my perspective, A2 milk is biggest LIE in Australian retail product and marketing. *I have zero invested interest in both A2 and it's competitors. I have every interest as a consumer that is being mislead and incredibly misinformed by vague claims and improper testing and support for such claims. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP1XGmr26Mo Eventually A2 will run out of "counter claims" to silence the voices that challenge it's "bullshit" (to quote the ABC) proposition. reply

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