Packaging perfection – an impossible dream?

AlwaysFreshPrinted packaging that doesn’t match the brand vision, production delays and budget blowouts – scenarios all too familiar to marketing and brand managers.

But perfection is possible, if you know the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Supplier mistakes causing packaging headaches

Mistakes made throughout the design to print process can impact final print quality, with colours that don’t print as expected and inconsistencies across the product range.

“We constantly see final artwork files from a range of suppliers going to the printer with mistakes that could have been anticipated and easily avoided,” Task by Kirk General Manager John Kapiniaris said. “It results in high packaging costs due to expensive agency fees to fix mistakes, subsequent delays getting products on shelf and disappointing packaging quality.”

Demand designers with print expertise

Kapiniaris said brands shouldn’t have to compromise on the quality of their packaging.

“Quite often they don’t know there is a better way to get high-quality products on the shelf faster and at a lower cost,” he said.

Task by Kirk draws on their print knowledge to produce artwork that is accurate and print-ready first time. They improve the quality of the final printed package, reproducing colours and designs to meet the original brand vision.

“We know what will work,” Kapiniaris said. “We know if a particular colour or design is difficult to print and can advise the client at the start of the project and suggest suitable alternatives to avoid problems or disappointment .”

Halve the time in getting products to shelf

Providing an end-to-end service is vital in getting products to shelf faster, which is important given the high costs associated with a failure to launch products on time.

Task recently worked with Riviana on the rebranding of their Always Fresh line of products. Artwork was delivered in just two months, halving the time from the previous process and at half the budgeted spend.

Riviana retail strategy manager Georgina Vergunst said she was impressed that Task was able turn things around so quickly, which involved producing colour-accurate press-ready artwork for international print partners.

“Task helped us navigate the complicated world of design to print,” Vergunst said. “They knew the fastest way to get things done and help us make our deadline.”

Streamlining processes saves money

Task General Manager John Kapiniaris’s motivation to start a design execution service was born out of a desire to show brands how things could be done better.

Simplot Australia, with brands Leggo’s, Birds Eye, John West and Edgell, was an early adopter of Task’s new approach, engaging the business to streamline its design execution process. Task is now responsible for turning Simplot’s package concepts into shelf-ready printed products.

“The process before working with Task was adhoc, with marketers throughout the business engaging their own production suppliers, resulting in high packaging costs and delays,” Simplot Australia Creative Services Manager Paul Fenech said.

“Now we have a streamlined process that results in consistently high-quality printed packaging, lower costs and faster speed to market.”

Task by Kirk provides consumer brands with an end-to-end design execution service, transforming package design concepts into outstanding printed products.


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