Pepsi Max unveils new Raspberry flavour

Pepsi Max RaspberryPepsi has added a new twist to the classic soft drink with the new Pepsi Max Raspberry.

The soft drinks giant created a new fruity flavour, minus the sugar. Pepsi Max Raspberry is a new addition to the brand’s existing flavours which include Pepsi Max Vanilla.

“This product will delight consumers who seek out no sugar alternatives. It delivers on taste and we are pleased to provide even more choice in the no sugar cola category,” Brad Van Dijk, PepsiCo senior director ANZ Beverages explained.

Pepsi Max Raspberry is available in 600mL, 1.25L bottles and 375mL can at independent retailers, major retailers, petrol and convenience stores Australia wide.



  1. suzanne kelly posted on September 15, 2018

    just wondering when we will be able to buy raspberry pepsi max in a 24 pack of cans

  2. Tao Stuart posted on September 16, 2018

    Well first I was pretty Teed that it cost me $4.00 for a 600 mL bottle just to try only to be disappointed. Sorry guys but I see a big fat frailer to the older of us. I have been making my own wine for over forty years, and do make both raspberry and Strawberry varieties from time to time. My comment is that the Max Raspberry (No Sugar) is still very sweet, when I expected it to be DRY and Raspberry flavored. It was very very sweet and had no REAL flavor at all. One big fat fail, my Raspberry wine is viciously tart and full flavored just like picking a hand full of Raspberry straight off the plants. Please some one make a nice real fruit flavored drink.

  3. Heather Game posted on September 29, 2018

    Pepsi raspberry sorry but you can do better the vanilla is great the lime lemon good but this is a miss for me I want to like it but no it is not memorable and tastes faintly of raspberry

  4. Tao Stuart posted on October 10, 2018

    Hi Guys I've tried Pepsi Max raspberry again and it still tastes just sweet but nothing like raspberry. Why can you not make a nice dry real Raspberry drink?

  5. Danielle Higgs posted on October 19, 2018

    When can I buy it in Woolworths?

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