Tesco unveils new discount store – Jack’s

jacksTesco unveiled the first of its new discount stores, Jack’s, in the UK this week. The new store aims to take on discount supermarket giants Aldi and Lidl in a battle for market share.

The brand was unveiled at a launch event on Wednesday, and opened to the public on Thursday.

The new chain offers lower prices and a much smaller product range than Tesco, with around 2,600 product lines most of which will be own brand. The smaller selection means the company can offer reduced prices.

The Independent reports that the store is named after Tesco founder Jack Cohen, who launched the brand from a market stall in Hackney which he started in 1919 with his demob money following the First World War.

Jack’s focuses on selling primarily British products, with eight out of 10 items on offer either made, grown or reared in Britain.

The stores will have a minimalist look with even the packaging pared back.

Tesco is aiming to open 10-15 Jack’s stores next year. Five of these will be created by repurposing properties already owned by Tesco.

The group will hire between 20 and 25 staff for each new branch, which could equate to 375 new jobs.

However, pay will be lower for Jack’s employees than Tesco workers, because of different working conditions.


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