Packaging companies merge to drive sustainability

MauserA group of packaging companies including BWAY, MAUSER Group, National Container Group (NCG) and Industrial Container Services (ICS) have merged to form Mauser Packaging Solutions.

The new US-based company aims to sustainably deliver products and services around the globe. Mauser Packaging Solutions plans to live up to its new tagline, “Redefining Sustainability”. The company will be manufacturing packaging from recycled materials and has also committed to reconditioning, reusing and recycling.

“When developing our growth strategy we recognized that customers were looking for a global partner to deliver sustainable packaging solutions and close the loop from purchase to reuse,” said Mauser Packaging Solutions CEO Ken Roessler.

“For the first time, businesses have a single partner who can deliver an industry-leading portfolio of products and services, of the highest quality and widest range, around the world. And our team members are the best in the industry — passionate, innovative and committed to solving complex customer challenges and building lifelong relationships based on service. We are truly excited and focused on the future.”

Mauser Packaging Solutions’ global headquarters is in Illinois and employs more than 11,000 team members worldwide. It has consolidated revenue of $4 billion US Mauser Packaging Solutions is a Stone Canyon Industries LLC company. Stone Canyon Industries is a global industrial holding company based in Los Angeles, California.


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