Woodvale Pharmacy named Alliance Pharmacy of the Year

Oberon Pharmacy of the yearPharmacy Alliance honoured the top performers at the inaugural Pharmacy of The Year Awards and Supplier of The Year Awards on Hamilton Island last Thursday.

Member pharmacy winners were selected based on their exceptional Pharmacy Alliance program support while Supplier of the Year was selected based on outstanding performance in achieving shared outcomes for members.

WA’s Woodvale Pharmacy was named Alliance Pharmacy of the Year 2018 for its exceptional store environment, retail program execution and a genuine care for their customers. The pharmacy has also seen growth since implementing the full suite of Pharmacy Alliance programs and services.

Oberon Pharmacy in the Blue Mountains NSW was named Member Pharmacy of the Year and Nhill Pharmacy in Vic earned the title of Partner Pharmacy of the Year for their strong community engagement and focus on health outcomes through social media and customer events.

“There are so many outstanding Member Pharmacies in our 600 plus strong network that it was a very difficult task, but we were able to narrow the field down to one very worthy winner in each of our three pharmacy categories,” said Pharmacy Alliance CEO Darren Dye.

BioCeuticals was named Supplier of the Year. The company which is renowned for manufacturing and delivering high quality integrative medicines to healthcare practitioners, has partnered with Pharmacy Alliance to support pharmacist-led retail initiatives. Pharmacy Alliance members have embraced the BioCeuticals practitioner-only range as it supports them to deliver a personalised solution to customers.

“Our programs are designed to help our 600+ independent pharmacies have the right product range and services to suit their local community’s health needs as well as provide the support to engage and train their pharmacy teams. I am really pleased to be able to recognise the efforts of three great pharmacies who have a strong commitment to delivering great health outcomes to their community; and am also pleased to recognise one of our supplier partners, BioCeuticals who have been a great supporter of our members for a number of years,” said Simon Reynolds managing director of Pharmacy Alliance.


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