McCain Foods serves up Quick Chips

McCain Quick Chips2McCain Foods ANZ marketing manager Allen Hunt said McCain aims to stay ahead of consumer trends to bring the best kind of fast food to the freezer aisle.

“We live in an instant world, where people are used to modern technologies that can deliver pleasures at the touch of a button. This extends to snack time – they want a hot snack that can be made rapidly, easily, and that will deliver immediate and delicious gratification,” Hunt said.

“Quick Chips are ready after only three minutes in the microwave, and make a hot, tasty snack to satisfy what we like to call ‘hot chip joy.’ They make a great after school treat or weekend indulgence for people who want a great-tasting snack without having to wait for it to come out of the oven or run out to their favourite quick service restaurant.”

The McCain Quick Chips range is sold in 200g double pack RRP A$2.50 at selected Woolworths and Coles nationally.


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