P&G introduces e-commerce-friendly Tide box

tideProcter & Gamble’s laundry detergent Tide, will start the new year with a new look. The new Tide Eco-Box contains an ultra-concentrated formula designed specifically for e-commerce.

The Eco-Box is a shipping-safe cardboard box containing a sealed bag of ultra-compacted Tide liquid laundry detergent and features a new “no-drip” twist tap and dosing cup.

As the name suggests, the box is also more eco-friendly. It contains 60 per cent less plastic and 30 per cent less water than the current 150 oz Tide press-tap. It also doesn’t require any secondary re-boxing or bubble wrap like many online orders do.
It is lighter because of its ultra-compacted formula and takes up less space meaning more boxes can fit on fewer delivery trucks.

“E-commerce isn’t a trend anymore, it’s a reality, and we’re excited to keep innovating for it,” said Isaac Hellemn, brand manager for e-commerce innovation in P&G’s fabric care group.

The Tide Eco-Box is the first product launch from the group.

“We know that the ‘last mile’ remains the biggest challenge both economically and ecologically in eCommerce. The Tide Eco-Box is designed to keep the convenience of online shopping for the consumer but reduce the overall impact of that convenience on our environment.”

P&G plans to continue innovating in the e-commerce space to adapts its product offerings for the channels its consumers are shopping. The new Ec0-Box will be available in January 2019.


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