PepsiCo giving new life to used chip packets

redrockSoft drinks giant PepsiCo ANZ is collaborating with recycling organisation REDcycle to encourage consumers to give chip packets new life as recycled goods.

REDcycle’s processing partner, Replas, can convert the snack’s soft plastics into a variety of sturdy products from fitness circuits, outdoor furniture, bollards and signage.

Aussies can now drop off their chip packets and other soft plastics at participating supermarkets across Australia.

PepsiCo ANZ has pledged to purchase recycled-plastic products every year and will be donating them to parks, public places and schools.

“We are so pleased to be working with REDcycle, this is a great opportunity for us to recover what would otherwise go to landfill and use the recycled materials to better the communities we operate in,” Janine Cannell, PepsiCo ANZ environment manager said.

The soft drinks giant plans to deliver sustainable long-term growth to leave a positive imprint on society and the environment, under its “Performance with Purpose” program. PepsiCo aims to have zero waste to landfill via an efficient and responsible waste management by 2025.

“We are delighted to have PepsiCo as REDcycle partners, and we look forward to seeing what we can create together using recycled materials,” REDcycle director, Liz Kasell, commented.

PepsiCo’s partnership with REDcycle complements their current strategy to design out waste by minimising the amount of materials used in packaging and to help build a circular economy by
promoting recycling.


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