Mars partners with Google to reward curious consumers

marsConfectionery company Mars and tech giant Google have teamed up to give a year’s supply of Mars Bars to curious Aussies. The Sticky Searchuations campaign celebrates the strangest questions people ask the popular search engine, with Mars rewarding those who are the first to google a specific “How to” question.

“Multitudes of Aussies head to the internet looking for answers to their awkward life questions. For Google searches of things that are a little left of field, and sometimes surprisingly common, we’ve hidden a year’s supply of Mars Bars that are redeemable with a quick click. This means that even if you can’t find the answer, you’ll have enough chocolate to deal with whatever your situation is,” Suzanne Morrison, marketing director at Mars Wrigley Confectionery, said.

If you’re the first person to Google search specific ‘how to’ questions and click, you’ll win a year’s supply of Mars Bars. Mars has released a ‘Dealing With It’ list, which reveals some of the most obscure searches that Australians have made.

The bizarre questions on the list include “How to stop time?” and “How to order wine without looking uncultured?”

Mars has hidden 150 years’ worth of Mars Bars for consumers to seek out.


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