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Corona launches national initiative to tackle marine plastic pollution

Corona x Parley -Corona has partnered with marine organisation Parley for the Oceans on a national initiative to educate and recruit Australians to help reduce plastic pollution on the country’s iconic beaches.

The duo today released a new documentary in partnership with National Geographic with never-before-seen footage of Australia’s marine plastic crisis.

The documentary gives an insight into the epidemic hitting Australia’s Far North Queensland, where approximately one tonne of plastic debris can be found for every kilometre of coastline.

A range of ocean conservationists and scientists, including marine biologist and science communicator, Laura Wells; well-renowned photographer, Michaela Skovranova; and Parley Director in Australia, Christian Miller, conduct the first fact-finding mission in Far North Queensland to reveal the impact from the 1,580kg of plastic waste entering Australian oceans every hour.

Corona x Parley - photo credit - Sam Boynton (14)

At the documentary launch in Sydney on Thursday evening, there was a strong message to FMCG companies to come up with better solutions to help prevent this crisis from continuing. Algae and mushroom were among the natural packaging alternatives suggested in place of plastic.

Marine biologist Laura Wells told Inside FMCG that companies across the board need to take a top down approach to implementing sustainable practices in businesses.

“Look at internal process and where they can make a difference. It starts from the top down but if you have that ethos embedded into your company, then everyone is ready to follow,” Wells said.

Corona and Parley have announced a national beach clean-up (covering 16 beaches) and educational series called Volunteers for the Ocean.

“For many Australians, marine plastic pollution can be out of sight, out of mind due to the pristine perception of our beaches,” said Andy Vance, spokesperson for Corona Australia.

“Our research shows that many Aussies feel helpless as individuals when it comes to making an impact on this incredibly large global plastic pollution issue. However, when given the opportunity to come together as a community, they feel a sense of power to take action and make a real difference. We’re hoping through our partnership with Parley and Volunteers for the Ocean, we can make Aussies aware of the very real threat that is risking the health of our own shorelines and marine life, and provide them with a platform to be a catalyst of change to Australia’s marine plastic pollution.”

Corona x Parley - photo credit - Sam Boynton (21)
“Each year, 9 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in our ocean and as a global media brand with a rich history of scientific discovery and exploration, we are committed to raising awareness of the challenges and highlighting the solutions in reducing single use plastic,” said National Geographic spokesperson Kael Hudson.

“While this is a global problem, it’s equally important for us to educate Australians on the plastic waste issue in our own backyard. This documentary serves as the perfect awareness piece to Australian audiences in shining a light on both the plastic waste affecting Far North Queensland and the amazing work organisations such as Corona and Parley are doing to protect paradise.”

Corona and Parley partnered in 2017 with a commitment to protect 100 islands by 2020. To date, more than three million pounds of plastic waste has been collected with over three hundred clean-ups take place in over 15 countries.

This summer Corona is giving away 500,000 750mL reusable water bottles so that Australians can stop using plastic bottles altogether. The limited edition stainless steel bottles are being distributed with any carton/case purchase of Corona Extra and Corona Ligera from liquor stores all around Australia.

In 2018, Corona became the first global beer brand to launch 100 per cent plastic-free rings. The paper rings are made from a plant-based biodegradable fiber and break down in a matter of days at a compostable facility and a few weeks if left on land or in the sea.

National Geographic will be premiering the Corona x Parley ‘Protecting Paradise’ documentary at 8:30pm on Sunday January 27. The full length documentary will be made available on the National Geographic website from January 29.

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