Vegemite releases highly anticipated gluten-free option

GF Vegemite LifestyleIconic Aussie spread Vegemite has revealed its first gluten free option after two years of research and development.

The highly anticipated, Gluten Free Vegemite will be welcomed by the documented 1.5 per cent of Australians suffering from coeliac disease and the 1 in 4 who avoid gluten.

“The Vegemite brands venture into the Gluten Free market has been consumer driven, with 1000s of requests for the product. It is an important step to ensure the Aussie spread can be enjoyed in every Australian diet,” said Matt Gray marketing manager at Vegemite.

“Vegemite is as iconic as it is delicious and while we know it’s an Aussie staple in the cupboards of millions of Australians, we’re aware that it can’t be enjoyed by many who would desperately love to.

Gray said it wasn’t an easy formulation to nail with the most significant challenge being to find a suitable alternative to brewer’s yeast.

“Working with bakers gluten free yeast we think we’ve nailed the Vegemite taste for those avoiding gluten and can’t wait to hear the feedback.”


Eight-year-old Zara Hill, a daughter of a Vegemite employee who has recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease, was one of the young product testers during the final stages of innovation.

“Finding out I couldn’t eat Vegemite for breakfast or even in my sandwiches at lunch was really sad. I actually have the same thing for lunch every day. When Dad told me about this new Vegemite I actually thought he made it just for me! When I found out it was for everyone and available at the shops, I started to cry with happiness,” she said.

Michelle Laforest, Chief Executive Officer of Coeliac Australia said its important for companies to innovate to ensure there are options for Australian’s suffering from coeliac disease.

“For children, not being able to eat what their friends consume can create a real sense of loneliness and isolation. Further to that, we know there is a growing trend of Australian’s seeking gluten free food options they can trust, so for every day brands and products such as Vegemite to seek endorsement from Coeliac Australia is very important.”

Gluten Free Vegemite will be available nationally at all major retail stores.


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  1. Doug Gowing posted on June 10, 2019

    GLUTEN-FREE VEGEMITE TASTES HORRIBLE! Why you have changed the recipe to suit 1.5% of the Australian population astounds me. It is dumb, stupid, inconsiderate, spits in the faces of 98.5% of Australians, and will prove to be economic suicide! Hopefully a smart Australian company will bring out a product which tastes like the "old" Vegemite soon !! We won't be buying gluten-free Vegemite again, nor will we be sending it to our Daughter in Canada!! Your company deserves to fail after this corporate blunder.

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