Uncle Tobys puts new twist on 80s classic to launch breakfast bakes

Uncle Tobys2Aussie breakfast brand Uncle Tobys Oats has given its iconic 80s ad a modern refresh to launch its new morning snack innovation, Breakfast Bakes.

The new campaign, which launches this Sunday February 24, will spark memories for many Aussies of the ad which celebrated the Scottish roots of oats, and quickly worked its way into the Aussie vernacular.

The Breakfast Bakes range contains the same amount of oats as a bowl of Uncle Tobys Quick Oats (34g sachet) and provides a source of whole grain and fibre.

“We’re extremely proud of our new Breakfast Bakes, which give Aussies the goodness of oats on the go. This new campaign reminds people why UNCLE TOBYS Oats is Australia’s favourite brand of oats and brings back the nostalgia of an ad everyone loved,” Michelle Katz, head of marketing, cereal partners worldwide – Oceania said.

A host of recognisable Aussies will be part of the PR and social media campaign.


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  1. julie Waterston posted on April 4, 2019

    Michelle Katz clearly doesn’t know what a Scottish accent should sound like. I just watched the advert on tv. What an absolute howler!! Scottish sounding actors - my arse!!

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