Coca-Cola, Nestlé and more reveal how much plastic they use in a year

Coke CansSoft drinks giant Coca-Cola has revealed that it uses three million tonnes of plastic packaging each year. The revelation is part of a report published by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which is calling on companies and governments to do more about plastic pollution.

Coca-Cola is one of 31 companies, including Mars, Nestlé and Danone, that have revealed how much plastic packaging they create as part of a drive for transparency by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Nestlé produces 1.7m tonnes tonnes of plastic, Tetra Pak produces 721,000 tonnes, Colgate stood at 287,008 tonnes in 2018, while Unilever’s usage amounted to 610,000 tonnes.

Although 150 companies have signed up to be part of The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s commitment to reduce plastic pollution, the majority of these, including Pepsi and L’Oreal, are unwilling to disclose how much plastic they use annually.

In 2018, Coca-Cola committed to recycling a used bottle or can for each one it sells by 2030. Currently it sells 500 different brands of beverages and it committed to making all of its packaging recyclable worldwide.

In February 2019, Nestlé stopped the usage of plastic straws and replaced them with paper straws as part of its environmental initiatives.


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