GoodnessMe Box expands into kids health foods


In an ever expanding health foods market, brands often struggle to get their products on shelves, nevermind catch the attention of consumers who have an overwhelming array of products to choose from.

At just 25, Peta Shulman came up with an idea to help solve this problem for both brands and consumers. GoodnessMe Box is based on the simple concept of sampling health foods, and in the last 12 months the business has more than doubled.

Founder Peta Shulman chatted to Inside FMCG about her motivations for setting up the business, why it’s beneficial for brands and the recently launched kids box.


The initial idea for GoodnessMe came about as Peta was struggling with an autoimmune condition. She had been unwell for a number of years and when she was finally diagnosed, she was advised to start cutting out artificial and processed ingredients from her diet.

“I started wandering into health food stores to find products that were made with natural ingredients and I started discovering all these fantastic products that I thought why aren’t these on the supermarket shelves and why do more people not know about them,” Shulman told Inside FMCG.

She was working in PR at the time in the preventative health sector, and with her condition vastly improving, she began formulating this idea of combining her passion with her skill set of promoting brands.

“I guess the goal was twofold: For brands, the goal was really to help launch them to market if they were new brands or to help them grow, and for consumers I wanted to get them just as excited about these health foods in the market. I firmly believe that in order for the products on the supermarket shelves to change it needs to be driven by the consumer demand,” Shulman said.

After setting up the business from home, she took a leap of faith and quit her job to pursue GoodnessMe Box full time.

“It’s been a journey but the last 12 months have been really strong; the business has more than doubled. We’ve sampled nearly two million products to date. We’ve worked with over 600 companies, we have over 80,000 product reviews. So I think as the health and wellness market grows the business has grown as well.”

“We entered the market at the right time when the wellness industry was on the cusp of booming. I think timing is always important but at the end of the day I firmly believe we provide a good product to customers and a valuable service to the brands that we work with nurturing our customer as well is always number one for us.”

GoodnessMe delivers 7-10 full sized surprise health food products for clients to sample at a cost of $25 per box. There is also a bonus personal care or beauty item in the box each month.

So how did the business go from a small home-run project, to turning over $1 million dollars in the first 12 months of trading?

“In the beginning the marketing approach had a few factors: Social media did play a role in that; influencer marketing; we had a really strong referral program going at the same time and a lot of PR happening for the brand. I just went all in for the first few months. So a lot of coverage and exposure happens at the one time which helped get the brand off the ground very quickly.”

To date the company has sampled over 1.5 million health products Australia-wide and has over 125k followers across its social channels.

It also introduced a quarterly Beauty Box last year and just recently launched a health food box for kids following strong consumer demand.

The kids box

The kids box

“A huge part of our offering is the experience and that’s the excitement and anticipation of waiting to see what they receive each month and that discovery process is what makes health food fun and exciting which is really one of our key goals at GoodnessMe box.”

“We have over 4,000 reviews for the GoodnessMe Box and the process of unboxing with their children kept coming up in those reviews and also in the footage on social media… So it was an obvious path for the business to take.”

“When we looked at the industry data the kids snack sector is a growing market at the moment. In particular there needs to be more variety in healthy kids snacks. It’s something that mums are really concerned about. Our mission has always been to help people make better food choices in order to improve their health and there’s no better place for that to start than with children at a young age.”

The kids box launched last month, with five to six surprise snacks in each box, all of which are nut free so they can be safely taken to the school yard.

So how do the brands benefit?

“We get fantastic feedback from the brands. A lot of them are on their sixth or seventh campaign with GoodnessMe Box which is a really positive sign.”

Shulman said some brands report an increase in online sales or in traffic but for many it’s also about assisting with ranging decisions and product development. GoodnessMe provides market research reports which has consumer feedback and data.


While the company finds influencer marketing a useful tool, Shulman is a big believer in having an integrated marketing approach. For that reason the company created the Wholefood Night Markets at the Grounds in Alexandria, allowing brands and consumers to come together in one space.

“There’s space for just up to 30 brands on the night and we try to ensure that they’re some of the most innovative and pioneering health brands. We’ve got celebrity cooking demonstrations going, there’s music, there’s healthy dinner being served. We really wanted to take it out of the exhibition hall and bring the ideas to life and make whole foods fun and exciting.”

Last year, the Wholefood Night Markets had almost a thousand attendees and this year will be the fourth time running the event. The event takes place on June 19, with tickets available in May.


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