Arnott’s ventures into chocolate blocks and bars

arnotts chocAustralian biscuit company Arnott’s has reinvented some of its most iconic biscuits in chocolate form. On Wednesday Arnott’s launched its new range of chocolate blocks and bars inspired by Iced VoVo, Scotch Finger, Wagon Wheel, Ginger Nut and Jatz.

The biscuit company spent two years formulating the new chocolate format and five unique flavours, developing a smooth, creamy chocolate to blend with selected biscuit pieces.

“There’s no denying Aussies’ love of Arnott’s biscuits, or their love of chocolate. We wanted to combine the two and give people the best of both worlds and a new way to enjoy Arnott’s,” Pauline Mercier, Arnott’s Marketing Manager said.

Arnotts_Chocolate_Ginger Nut Dark Chocolate
“We’ve selected a range of flavours that we know Aussies are sure to love – whether it’s the delicious buttery crunch of Scotch Finger, the undeniable Wagon Wheel combination of biscuit, raspberry and marshmallow, the ever-humble coconut and raspberry from Iced VoVo, or the sweet and salty with Jatz, there’s something for everyone. We are sure there will be plenty of debate about favourite flavours – especially with those Ginger Nut lovers out there!”

The chocolate blocks are available in all five flavours but Chocolate Ginger Nut is not available in bar form. The new bars are made in Australia using sustainably sourced cocoa.

Arnott’s chocolate will be available at Coles, independent retailers and major petrol and convenience stores from next week at RRP $5 for 170g block and $2 for 45g bar.


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