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Pollen launches Pollen Technology

The go-to people in FMCG consultancy have identified a gap in market and added Pollen Technology to their portfolio of capabilities.

Pollen Consulting Group CEO Paul Eastwood states “IO4 is confusing and lots for consultancies are making it sound too complex. Pollen Technology was born with the vision to identify and bring powerful technologies that are ready to implement now, to lead our clients digital supply chain transformations.”

Pollen believes that harnessing the right technology will underpin success in a challenging marketplace, with an ethos to find applicable, value-added solutions today, which will optimise businesses and ensure the journey towards being relevant tomorrow.

“We help our clients map their supply chain and identify the digitisation possible now and how-to setup the foundations for further enhancements in the future” says Paul.

“It’s like putting up the Christmas tree; first we need a tree the right size, shape and functionality before we start laying the lights, never mind hanging the bells and whistles” states Oliver North – Director Pollen Technology.

Oliver believes that at the core of any digital supply chain should be two key elements and this is where Pollen has grounded its core competencies focusing on Digital Twins and Live Decision Analytics. “The vision is to utilise our capability in these powerful technology areas and bring it to FMCG.”

FMCG is a dynamic marketplace and whilst these technologies are predominantly used in Aerospace, Oil and Gas or large civil programmes, Pollen believe that combined with their experience in the sector, these capabilities can be delivered cost effectively and will be a standard for those that will win in the long run.

“We are not a software developer, nor are we a licence seller, we want to position ourselves as testing and identifying the best fit supply chain technologies with the ability to delivering solutions to our clients.

Fundamentally, we understand that technology is not just the software, we must understand the processes which will change and people who will use it in order to deliver a successful implementation”. says Oliver.

Formally a chartered engineer for Rolls-Royce followed by over 5 years working in FMCG as a consultant, Oliver has developed a passion for technology within manufacturing and it was here that he noticed an immediate difference between FMCG and Aerospace; specifically that systems, processes and software used to provide the in-depth understanding of production and life-cycle critical to success did not exist in FMCG.

Advanced in computational power and the cost of powerful software allows Pollen Technology to bring the right solution to market in a very cost-effective model. What technologies and products will emerge in the next 10 years within FMCG is anyone’s guess (and it won’t happen overnight!) but Pollen Technology aims to lead this adoption and ensure they not only stay relevant but ahead.

“We want to challenge traditional business models, encourage adoption of innovation, and become the go-to people for the most applicable forward-facing technology in the sector.” Says Oliver. “we very much see this as a brain upgrade for our clients processing power, to harness the power of computational power to identify the optimal, feasible solution in a myriad of variability and complexity.”

Oliver believes the challenge is no longer about being able to measure and access data – the challenge for organisations tomorrow is how to identify the information required to support optimal decision making.

“Advances in data availability mean that we must be smarter in using it to our benefit and advances in computing power mean we can do this cost effectively. We want to use technology to bring Australian FMCG to forefront on the world stage, leapfrogging the value of lean improvements through step change improvements by making intelligence decisions quickly.”

Technology Strategy, Digital Supply Chains, Advanced Analytics, Simulation, Optimisation and Paperless factories are where Pollen Technologies will bring practical and implementable solution to their clients.

Oliver says he is “excited to drive a future-facing consulting style with Pollen, building lasting relationships with clients while solving business critical problems and adding value to their bottom-line.”

For more information about Pollen Technology contact Oliver North: / 0456 679 947

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