Coco Luxe unveils fortified coconut water range

Beverage company Coco Luxe has released a new range of coconut water fortified with vitamin C, collagen and acai for consumers looking to boost skin health and hydration.

The range comes in three flavours including Coco Luxe Glow infused with Collagen; Boost with Vitamin C and Refresh and the Original Coconut Water.

Coco Luxe founder Jodie Evins said she wanted to give a better option for consumers.

“Coco Luxe was born out of my desire to create a delicious better-for-you product that motivates change for consumers and the FMCG industry and takes the next step forward to close the gap between the beverage and supplement markets,” said Evins.

Coco Luxe Glow is a single origin coconut water that’s mixed with hydrolysed marine collagen peptides and superfood Acai.

It is sold in Australia, US and China and the company plans to expand in over five countries by 2020. The coconuts used in the drinks are harvested and packed in a sustainable factory in Vietnam.

Coco Luxe Glow, Refresh and Boost is available in over 80 health food and independent stores and online.


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