Poll: Is your business taking part in the climate strike?

This Friday, September 20, hundreds of businesses in Australia and many more overseas will take part in the
global climate strike to call for decisive action ahead of a major United Nations summit on September 23.

Ben & Jerry’s will close 35 shops across Australasia for the duration of the strike. The company’s Australian arm has declared that business as usual “is no longer a viable plan” in the face of a climate emergency. Or as the company says in its values statement: if it’s melted, it’s ruined.

The Department of the Environment and Energy has warned of the pervasive effects on Australian business of higher temperatures, altered rainfall patterns and more frequent or intense fires, heatwaves, drought and storms.

The department says the changes will be felt “by every person and every organisation, public or private, and at all levels, from strategic management to operational activities”.

Today we’re asking, is that a priority for your business and will you be taking part?

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