Chobani releases Halloween batch with six different foils

Chobani Australia has introduced a one-off batch of yogurt for Halloween, with six different labels for customers to collect.

Chobani’s Pumpkin Pie Flip is based on America’s love for pumpkin pie and combines spiced pumpkin puree with strained yogurt and mix ins.

Approximately 70,000 flips have been release to Coles stores with six different foils featuring a variety of faces.

“Halloween is one of the most exciting times at Chobani, both within the business and with our fans,” Peter Meek, managing director Chobani Australia, said.

“We love any opportunity to spice things and get a little crazy with yogurt, and our Halloween batch is always one of most anticipated launches within our community of Chobaniacs.”

The launch is supported by a field marketing campaign with a #FliporTreat sampling mission.

Chobani Australia’s previous Halloween flavours include Pumpkin Pie Pot and Spooky Vanilla Pouch.


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