Coca-Cola Amatil donates 250,000 beverages to bushfire victims

Soft drinks giant Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) has donated 250,000 bottles of water and Powerade to bushfire emergency crews and families who are in disaster recovery centres or are evacuated from fire zones in NSW, South Australia and Victoria. CCA donated 10,400 cases of bottles of water and Powerade to Foodbank, Australian Defence Force units and air ambulance services.

“The loss of lives and homes in these fires is heartbreaking. Business has a role to play in emergency situations, alongside government and others in the community. Bottling and distribution are our strengths, so we think can play an effective role with donations of water and other beverages to displaced families and those on the front line. Many of our own team are also volunteer firefighters and Defence Reserves, and we’re looking after them with paid leave and personal support,” managing director of CCA Australia, Peter West, said.

West said Amatil made a Matched Giving Appeal with the Salvation Army for donations to employees to recover from bushfire.

“Water donations and matched giving are a step forward, but there’s more to be done. We’ll continue working with governments and communities on further support as recovery operations roll out,” added West.

Late last year, Amatil also donated bottled waters and Powerade to Southern NSW emergency services (45 cases), Kulnura RFS (30 cases), Maclean Red Cross (60 cases), Port Macquarie, Grafton and Glen Innes evacuation centres (2160 cases) and Casino RFS (170 cases).


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