EastCoast: The eco-friendly juice company

Eastcoast Beverages is a third generation family business based on the Central Coast of New South Wales, and creates premium quality, 100% Australian fresh fruit juices, fruit drinks and natural spring water. Handpicked in their backyard since 1965, Eastcoast pride themselves on their heritage, and their ability to source and produce their beverages locally. 

Over the years, they watched helplessly as the drought took hold of NSW, and knew they had to help their fellow farmers. Making juice was simply not enough, and a new philosophy was created that harnessed the true power of an orange, and all that it can produce. From this, a sustainability campaign was born in an effort to utilise every part of the fruit so that absolutely nothing is wasted.

The way they do this is threefold: 

Return – All Eastcoast bottles are 100% recyclable and ready to be returned and re-used in their next life, while citrus peel is sent to farming communities in rural NSW as a nutritious alternative cattle feed. 

Regrow – Nothing is wasted – not even the wash-down water, which is treated and used to replenish the trees in their orchards. 

Re-Juice – The leftover citrus pulp is sent to companies for blending and regenerating to create yoghurts and citrus flavoured desserts. 

In 2019 alone, Eastcoast sent over 200 tonnes of citrus peel to rural NSW to ease some of the strain caused by the drought. The latest delivery saw them travel to Mudgee over the Christmas period to provide feed to countless cattle and sheep.  

Their sustainability initiative is continuing into 2020, aspiring to be 100% recyclable, whilst being 100% committed to the environment and the people in it. 

Eastcoast Beverages director, Samuel Lentini, says one of the main focusses for the business this year is to continue developing ways to become more eco-friendly. 

“Return, Regrow, Re-Juice saw us accomplish amazing things last year. This year, we are more committed than ever to maximising our ability to be eco-friendly. One thing we will be looking to achieve in the coming months is how we can work with our suppliers in delivering a more sustainable packaging, including aluminium and recycled plastic – minimising our carbon footprint, while still producing a quality range of juices and spring water.”

Eastcoast juices can be found in local stockists and Supermarkets across NSW. 


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