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Cadbury’s Freddo leaps into action to save endangered frogs

Cadbury’s famous Freddo frog will vacate prime position on the wrapper of the popular bar as part of the brand’s efforts to highlight Australia’s endangered frogs.

Images of real-life endangered frogs will feature on packs to help educate Australians on the danger the species are facing and an augmented reality symbol will allow consumers to watch interactive videos and fact sheets on their smartphones.

The move comes as Cadbury announces a A$600,000 investment over three years in Zoos Victoria and Conservation Volunteers Australia projects to help protect and restore frog populations.

“These frogs have been close to extinction in Australia for many years and with the recent bushfires it has made the situation worse than ever before,” Cadbury said in a statement.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Australia is the 4th worst ranked country for animal extinctions and frogs are one of them.

Cadbury’s investment will support animal protection projects, habitat restoration and the construction of a breeding bunker at Healesville Sanctuary.

“We’re so proud to be able to work with these frog experts to deliver programs that will give these endangered species a chance to repopulate and flourish. It’s a long-term commitment to ensure the projects can deliver real outcomes for the survival of these amazing animals,” said Katrina Watson, marketing manager for Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo.

Cadbury’s bushfire campaign

Cadbury’s Freddo was also at the heart of a recent campaign by the chocolate company to raise money for bushfire relief efforts.

The company raised $630,000 by donating all proceeds from sales of Freddo, Caramello Koala and Furry Friends products for one week.

“This money goes towards training more vets and establishing new habitats across the country which will help the native wildlife recover from the devastating bushfires,” Cadbury said in a post announcing the figure.

“Alongside this, we’re also donating much needed food to Foodbank Australia and our amazing emergency services personnel.”


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