Allen’s releases limited edition Black Cats bags

Confectionery company Allen’s will release its popular Black Cats lollies in bag format on March 4.

Allen’s said the Aussie treat has built up a cult social media following calling for the product to stand on its own. Allen’s responded with a limited edition bag.

The confectionery also created Allen’s Black Cats memorabilia including bespoke pin badges, stickers, pop sockets and personalised bags.

“The mouth-watering aniseed flavoured jellies, Allen’s Black Cats, have been a fan favourite since they were created back in 1961,” Nestlé head of marketing confectionery Joyce Tan said.

“They are, without a doubt, the number one lolly that fans have wanted in solo packs. We’ve followed the social media movement that has connected aniseed lovers nationwide, creating a unique community that are mighty, loyal and passionate about their lollies. We’ve heard their cries and are honoured to give the Black Cats Gang and all Black Cats lovers across the country what they’ve asked for.”

Allen’s Black Cats will be available in Woolworths on March 4.


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