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Shelf life | Arnott’s opens the vault on biscuit recipes

This week’s product news update centres around a popular breakfast brand, a classic Aussie biscuit and World Earth Day celebrations. Here’s our recap of the top product news from the FMCG industry in Australia.

Arnott’s reveals secret recipes

With COVID-19 leading to a rise in baking, Australian brand Arnott’s has opened the vault and shared its biscuit recipes with the public. “Arnott’s Big Recipe Release” sees the country’s largest (and oldest) baker unveiling several recipes every week to inspire those stuck in isolation.

The first recipe released is the famous Monte Carlo, a classic cream biscuit that uses coconut and honey biscuits with a smooth, vanilla cream and a touch of chewy jam.

“There is so much love and care that goes into making each and every biscuit that comes out of the Arnott’s ovens in our bakeries across the country,” Vanessa Horton, Arnott’s culinary chef, said.

“We know how important our biscuits are to Australians, both locally and living abroad, in helping them come together with family and friends and feeling connected. That’s why I’ve personally adapted and tested each of the “secret” recipes we’re revealing to the public, so they can find new ways to come together and share a biscuit, in this time of need.”

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods unveils instant congee

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods has created the new Mr Lee’s Congee in two flavours, Original Congee Porridge and Chicken Congee Porridge. The new porridge is made with authentic Asian-style flavours, natural ingredients and a four grain blend, and is ready within three minutes.

The company said the new product is low in sugar and no preservatives.

“We are very excited to be expanding in the convenience rice porridge sector. This launch allows us to bring congee to the world in a healthy and convenient format” stated Damien Lee, CEO and founder of Mr Lee’s Pure Foods.

“I grew up eating it, but typically it takes hours of cooking at home to make a perfect Congee, we’ve made it to be ready in just three minutes and in a convenient cup format. So our instant congee helps time-poor people eat better, perfect for those who lead hectic lifestyles”. 

The new Mr Lee Congee will be available for RRP A$4 per cup online and in Harris Farm Market.

The Meatless Farm lands in Australia

UK plant-based meat company, Meatless Farm, has landed in Australia, with the brand primed to hit food service.

The company said that it spent over two years blending, researching, experimenting and trialing different recipes and ingredients to create their range of plant-based sausages, mince and burgers. The range will be available in Sydney via Bidfood Botany and other states through distributor Decade Foods.

“We’re committed to creating plant-based meats that deliver on taste, texture and nutrition. We’re thrilled to be entering Australia in partnership with Decade Foods. More and more Australians are looking to reduce the amount of meat they’re eating, for both health and environmental reasons, and this shows no sign of slowing down,” Morten Toft Bech, founder of Meatless Farm, said.

Sydney burger restaurant Suburgia will also have Meatless Farm Co as the May Burger of the Month and will use the plant-based sausages for its gourmet hot dogs.

Nutri-Grain releases limited-edition flavour

Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain has unveiled the new Gold Honey Crunch for a limited time. It contains golden honey, corn, oats and wheat.

“For decades Aussies of all ages have loved Nutri-Grain as part of their breakfast. With Nutri-Grain being such an iconic brand, we wanted to give the fans something new, with a delicious flavour that would not leave them disappointed. Just like the original, Limited Edition Nutri-Grain Gold Honey Crunch delivers the unstoppable crunch and taste people know and love, while still having more than 20% protein,” Dan Bitti, Nutri-Grain portfolio manager, said.

The new Nutri-Grain Gold Honey Crunch 1.2kg value pack features BMX World Champion and brand ambassador Caroline Buchanan on the packaging. It is sold for RRP A$11 in Coles.

SodaStream switches to metal bottles to reduce plastic use

Beverage brand SodaStream celebrated World Earth Day with a pledge to reduce save the use of nearly 67 billion bottles worldwide by 2025. The company is switching from plastic to metal bottles in early 2021 for all its products.

“We’re proud to be a business that constantly strives to do the right thing by the planet and those who live here. So making the switch from plastic to metal packaging felt like a no brainer and will help Australians leave the world a better place for future generations to come,” commented SodaStream Australia managing director, Mark Fenton.

SodaStream released a new emotive video that shows the importance of caring for the planet, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic. The video states that, “We need to stay at home to overcome this, and once we do, let’s make sure we take better care of the planet – our home.”

“We created this video to shine a light on the importance of taking care of our shared home, the planet we live on, and throughout these challenging times ahead, hope to help consumers take the necessary steps needed to maintain our environment,” Fenton said.


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