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‘Identif-eye’ chart reveals the mood of masked customers – from their eyes

British retail customer analysis startup Uncrowd has released a free downloadable eye mood chart ‘Identif-eye’ to help businesses judge the disposition of their customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a playbook reminiscent of TV series Lie to Me – in which a gifted scientist uses observations of human microexpressions to spot truth from lies – the Identif-eye eye chart depicts 32 major “eye moods” that retailers can study to determine how customers are feeling while their full facial expressions are partially obscured by masks.

“Good retailers can read their customers like a book, but if their mouths are hidden behind masks, it’s a bit harder to work out what they’re thinking and feeling,” said Uncrowd boss Richard Hammond. “Our at-a-glance guide should help to check the mood of a customer.”

The chart is designed to map moods commonly expressed through the eyes to assist retail staff in diagnosing and pre-empting potential problems with customers.

“2020 vision was supposed to mean perfect eyesight,” said Hammond. “This year, with the pandemic and mask wearing, it’s taken on a slightly different meaning.”

Uncrowd works to assist retailers in determining how best to appeal to consumers by rating service and experience against 82 variables.

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